About Catherine Wilson Interiors


Catherine Wilson


Catherine has been designing living spaces for more than 20 years. Part psychologist, part anthropologist, part detective, she delves deeply into her clients’ lives to understand how they live.

Before she sets her hand to designing a space, she becomes intimately familiar with the way her clients live; where things pile up, where children and dogs play and run, the prized family treasures that demand inclusion in their home.  This is what Catherine calls “bowing to the house,” creating living spaces and personal environments that are unique extensions of her clients. Her design collaborations with clients result in spaces that are unique, because every family with which Catherine works is unique.

Catherine herself draws on more than 20 years’ inspiration from architecture, textiles, classic and modern arts, and travel. This rich background enables her to curate spaces for clients, using her keen eye for detail, texture and form that complements a space without looking like it’s been professionally designed.


Cathy Tilman,
Design Associate

I honor the people who live in the spaces we create.

Cathy Tilman has been a key element in Catherine Wilson Interiors’ success, providing almost 10 years of design and decorating experience with the firm. She ensures our clients are reflected in their home’s décor, functionality and personality.
Cathy is responsible for leading some of our design jobs, with more than 15 years’ experience in renovating and staging homes for resale, and more than 15 years’ experience in sales in the decorative accessories and home furnishings industry.


Christal Davis,
Business Manager

I take care of the details to ensure our relationships are solely focused on beautiful outcomes.

Christal has had a diverse professional career centered on customer service and design. Her career has taken her along a winding and very interesting path, from call center manager to creative services manager, and now to the interior design business manager who keeps the project that is Catherine Wilson Interiors running like a fine-tuned machine.
Christal adds structure to a creative business; anticipates needs not being met; knows answers to questions before they’re asked, and serves as a touchstone of steadiness for the team and clients alike.


Janet Cross,
Design Assistant

Everyone’s definition of luxury is different; I love uncovering your idea of luxury and adding it to every corner of your home

Janet's many years in retail working for a luxury brand, as well as experience as a personal assistant for busy executives, gave her experience and exposure to the many facets of high-end, custom design. In interior design, she started by managing a kitchen renovation and eventually launched a design business with two partners where she honed her skills as an organizer and designer.  Janet loves art, design and has a great eye for what looks good in every client setting.
In addition, Janet has a knack for gardening and floral design, an additional valuable skill she brings to Catherine Wilson Interiors. She also serves as assistant ministry head of the flower guild at her church, designing and installing floral arrangements for holidays and weddings.