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What to Expect

  • At our initial appointment we walk through your existing home.  You tell us what you love, what you hate, what you need, what you inherited, what you can’t get rid of because Aunt Sally is going to cut you out of the will, your plans, your dreams, your desires etc.

  • Catherine and her team retreats and create a personalized design plan for you and your home

  • During a follow-up meeting, a senior project manager presents the resulting specifications for your home such as floor plans, fabrics, carpets, images of specifications for furniture, accessories, lighting, estimates of costs etc. and talks you through how each item connects and helps you visualize the entire plan.

  • We ask that you take a few days to sleep on the plans and proposal to get comfortable

  • At this follow-up appointment, design commitments are made, after which orders are placed and a timeline for installation is set.

  • On the day(s) of installation Catherine and her team set up and begin your home transformation. Note that installation may include everything from managing sub-contractors and accepting/placing furniture that is delivered, all the way to placing felt pads on the bottom of your furniture legs or rubber stoppers on the backs of your wall-hung art

  • When you return, your home will be styled and staged according to all planning conversations and commitments, ready for you to make yourself at home.